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Scattering of Ashes in Miami: A Dignified Burial at Sea

Burial at sea rose petals

Scattering of Ashes Red Roses

Due to the nature of this charter, we are no longer offering this service.

Losing a loved one is never easy. However, what could be more fitting than scattering their ashes in the ocean on a yacht rental in Miami.

At Yacht Charters in Miami, we understand this difficult time and burial decision. We have a cruise package for a Miami Burial at Sea that will help make the decision a bit easier. We offer a three hour yacht charter where we depart North Miami Beach and head out to the ocean to pay respects to the departed by scattering ashes in the Atlantic Ocean. The three hour boat rental allows enough time for everyone onboard to have a quiet time of remembrance as well as a scenic tour of Miami.

We have priced this bereavement package competitively at $1500 plus tax and crew gratuity.

Bereavement Package for Miami Burial at Sea
    • 3 hour charter on 51’ yacht Princess Chelsea
    • Pastry tray
    • Coffee service
    • Red Roses to scatter with ashes
    • Keepsake Certificate with GPS coordinates
    • Filing of government required documentation
    • Maximum Allowed Guests: 12

What you can expect: Family and friends arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to departure on the private boat to scatter the ashes. The Captain and First Mate will greet the family and friends and assist with embarkation. Upon entering the vessel salon they are greeted with a tray of pastries and coffee service.

The Captain will ask the family what procedure they prefer; in other words, who will officiate the service: the Captain or the family or the Clergy. If the Captain will officiate, he will ask for a copy of the verse that he will be saying. The Captain will also ask if the family has a preference of music or if they have an iPod of music that they prefer to play. Typically, this will be the favorite music of the deceased loved one.

The charter boat will leave from Haulover Beach Marina, traveling offshore 3 or more nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean off of the Miami Beach shoreline. Upon reaching the proper distance from land, the vessel will come to a stop and remain adrift for the scattering of the ashes ceremony. The Captain will be in uniform and may, at the families’ request, read a bible scripture, a short passage or prayer, or poem. Samples will be provided. Conversely, a family member or clergy may choose to perform the service. The family and friends will stand at the stern of the vessel and scatter the ashes in the Atlantic Ocean along with either roses or flowers of choice. The Captain will return to the helm, making note of the GPS coordinates, and then gently navigate away from the burial site allowing family and friends to memorialize the vision of this solemn experience.

The yacht rental will return by entering the Miami Beach Government’s Cut passing along the Intracoastal Waterway in Miami Beach heading north to North Miami Beach’s Haulover Beach Marina. The return trip allows the vessel to pass along Sunset and Indian Creek Islands.

The family will be mailed a keepsake certificate of the Burial at Sea with the Latitude and Longitude coordinates noted. Yacht Charters in Miami will file the necessary notifications with the Environmental Protection Agency.

I want to thank Terri and Miami Yacht Charters from the bottom of my heart for the charter where we scattered my mother’s ashes in the Atlantic Ocean. My most memorable part is the dignity and sensitivity the crew showed for this somber but also bitter sweet time. This is exactly what she wanted and we are so thankful to Terri and the crew for closure on a wonderful life enjoyed and lived in Miami.Albert M.Yahoo 04/04/09

Additional Services Available

Return trip to previous GPS position of prior burial at sea

If you would like to return to the location where the ashes were previously scattered, simply supply us with the coordinates and the Captain will navigate to the latitude and longitude coordinates where you may toss flowers overboard for a remembrance service.

Pet ashes scattering

We know your pets are family members too. Many families want to preserve a final resting place in the sea for their departed pets. We can arrange this service for you with the same Bereavement Package listed above.

Captains service of unattended burial at sea

For various reasons, it may be necessary for family members not to board a vessel to honor the final wishes of the deceased or to perform a scattering of ashes burial at sea service. For this reason, we offer a non-accompanied boat charter to scatter the ashes. In order to perform this service, we require a copy of the death certificate and the ashes must be sent direct to us from the crematory.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I bring my own clergy?

Yes, of course, you may bring along your own clergy or religious leader to offer prayers and service to your deceased loved one. However, the clergy is counted as one of your 12 allowed guests onboard.

Do you offer full-body burials at sea?

Sorry, we only accept cremated ashes for scattering according to the EPA and State of Florida guidelines.

What time of day do you recommend for our departure?

Since the sea is calmest early in the morning, it is recommended that we depart the marina no later than 9:00AM and return around 12:00PM Noon.

Do you offer samples of nautical prayers or poems for burial at sea service readings?

Yes, upon finalizing the charter reservation, we will supply you with a PDF of Sample Burial at Sea Service Readings that you may select from for your loved one. Samples include nautical themed poems, prayers and bible versus.

Where can I get more information and check availability?

If you would like more information on a Burial at Sea in Miami, please complete the contact form below:

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