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Party at the Haulover Sandbar in Miami

Haulover Sandbar

Party at the Haulover Sandbar on a Miami Boat Rental

Bikini’s, pulsating music, mesmerizing blue water!

If you’re looking for a party on the water with girls clad in bikini’s, pulsating music and the occasional dolphin along with hundreds of boaters … then the Haulover Sandbar is the place to be. Every weekend boaters crowd the sandbar for a once in a lifetime party on the water!

Boaters come by the hundreds!

Haulover Sandbar is located between the ocean inlet and an uninhabited island officially named Sandspur Island which is also known by locals as “Beer Can Island”. The sandbar draws local boaters on weekends to escape the crowded Miami beaches and shopping malls.

The sand becomes exposed at low tide offering a stretch of sand which is known as a “Sandbar”.

The water is knee-high to waist-deep which makes it perfect for lounging the day away or wading in the water and congregating with other boaters for a fun day on the water. The views at the sandbar include bikini clad girls, shirtless muscle guys, jet skis, kayaks, folks swimming and floating on inflatable air mattresses, Frisbee catching dogs, families playing in the exposed sand at low tide, boats of all sizes, and the beautiful blue water of Biscayne Bay – and let’s not forget the famous hot dog boat. The hot dog boat offers burgers, dogs, ice cream and the like on the water. No need to take a grill, simply buy a snack from the boat-vendor.

Haulover Sandbar Photos

Haulover Sandbar Photos

Drone over Beer Can Island and Haulover Sandbar

Drone flying over Haulover Sandbar, Haulover Marina and beach.

Boaters enjoying the Haulover sandbar party!

Haulover Sandbar boating!

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Photos compliments of Miamism, Hilda H. and Ines Hegedus-Garcia

  1. babybear
    babybearMay 25, 2014

    A couple of friends and I rented through Miami boat rental because a friend of mine had mentioned the Haulover sandbar party. She showed me the videos but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. So many people were there with their boats! We were glad we had rented one, too, because the party just wouldn’t have been the same from the shore. We had so much fun and met so many awesome people. It was an amazing experience, I definitely recommend it!

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