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An Ultimate Bachelorette Party on a Private Yacht Rental in Miami

Bachelorette Party Yacht

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party a Yacht Rental in Miami

Miami Yacht Rental: Perfect Idea for a Bachelorette Party!

Miami is an awesome party city in its own right, but even all the nightlife can be tiring and make you want to try something new. Instead of just trying to book an expensive room at a club where you might feel forced to order bottle service, why not try a bachelorette party in a more “fun in the sun” setting like a private yacht rental?

Bachelorette Party on a Miami Yacht Rental

Choosing a Miami boat charter to celebrate getting married is perfect, for a lot of reasons:

  • You get your own private party. You can rent out a full boat and invite whoever you would like, taking over the yacht with only people you know. No dealing with others in a restaurant or bar.
  • You get to make a day of it, as you can rent a yacht for a variety of hour packages.
  • You can enjoy drinks, music and food all in one place.
  • You can opt for a ton of packages that let you experience anything you can think of, from relaxing on a beach island to just cruising the water.
Bachelorette Party

It’s not too hard to get a yacht charter set up for your bachelorette party as it is all about planning ahead. First you should think about how many people you are looking to invite; the number is going to affect what kind of yacht you are going to want to rent.

You should also set up travel appropriately. If you are already from the Miami area, that makes things a lot simpler. But if you plan on traveling from another state, you should get your rental settled for within the week you plan to be in sunny Miami, as well as inform your girl friends that they’ll need to make travel plans.

Lea Panico Bachelorette

Bachelorette Miami Yacht Charter

Once you’ve decided on a day and the yacht you are looking to rent, you’ll want to consider other options. Do you want to kick back and just enjoy some lounging in your bathing suits and taking in the sun? Or do you want an array of food and some great music to dance on deck to? Maybe checking in with your girls would be a great way to get an overall idea of what everyone would like out of their boat rental.

The awesome thing about Miami yacht rentals is that you don’t have to stay in one place. You can head out on the waterways or you can cruise over to an island to get some beach time. If you plan on an evening rental, it might be smart to cruise to a restaurant along the waterway and grab some dinner or finish up the party there.

With so many options, why would you have just a boring bachelorette party at a crowded club or mediocre bar? Having your own space, in Miami on the gorgeous waterways is as unique an experience as any. It’s all about celebrating getting married as well as your last moments single, so why not make it a boat party?

You may view available yachts and prices online for an ultimate Bachelorette Party on the water.

We had the pleasure of spending a day with Capt Joe + Mate Chelsea last weekend for #SvettytakesMiami Bachelorette party. The boat was gorgeous and the day was absolutely perfect – tour of miami houses, great day spent in the water, good music, amazing friends. Joe and Chelsea anticipated our every need and did everything to make sure we had a fantastic time. I’d recommend them to EVERYONE looking to book a yacht tour in Miami!! I’m ready to go back!Ceo Score – California – June 2014Facebook

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